8 Ways to Save the Planet



On days like today, we are reminded of all the special things this beautiful planet has to offer. Think back to a time where all you could say was “wow.” Earth Day is a day to reflect on those moments that left us speechless.You are in the middle of a thick forest when you finally see rays of sunshine breaking through the trees. Despite the aching of your muscles, you are running towards to the end of the trail. You reach the viewpoint. You quietly utter “wow” as your eyes wildly try to take in the entire view.You dip your toes into the refreshing ocean water and you admire its stunning blue hues. Before you know it, a wild wave knocks you down. You surface from the waves. You quietly utter “wow” as you try to get the salt water out of your ears and the sand out of your swimsuit.You are hurrying to an important meeting in the city. As you impatiently wait for the crosswalk signal to change, your eyes shift to the ground and you see a single flower blooming between the cracks of the sidewalk. You quietly utter “wow” as you appreciate the simplicity and splendor of the blossom.Moments like these display humankind’s admiration of the Earth’s beauty and grandeur. We appreciate the Earth for giving us forests to explore, oceans to swim in, and flowers to smell. Despite our gratitude for it, we do not always value the Earth as highly as we should. If we want to continue to experience our “wow moments” here on Earth, we need to take steps to protect it! We’ve come up with 8 things you can do to save the planet. 

  1. Discover your Carbon Footprint Your first step to protect the Earth is to determine the amount of carbon emissions that are a direct result of your lifestyle choices. Go to www.nature.org/greenliving/carboncalculator/ to see how your food, gas, and electricity usages affect your carbon footprint.

  2. Use Natural, Organic Products Most cleaning and beauty products are made of a mixture of synthetically produced chemicals. These products are harmful for the environment and your body. Here at Blooming Moon Spa we strictly use natural and organic products. They are significantly healthier for you and the planet. We think you should use them too!

  3. Buy Local Shopping locally is important for environmental and economic sustainability. When you chose to purchase goods or services from a local business, you reduce travel time and the need for shipping. If you are in the Portland area, stop by Blooming Moon Spa! We are a local business who supports other local businesses!

  4. Plant a Tree Over the past 50 years, about half the world's original forests have been lost to deforestation. Trees are vital for the land, water, and air. When you plant a tree seed, remember that the smallest things can produce the largest forms of life this planet has to offer.

  5. Change your light. If everyone would replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs, Americans would save enough energy to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year. This is a quick, easy, and cheap way to help the environment. Light bulbs matter!

  6. Go Vegetarian Once a Week. It takes nearly 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. On top of that, consider all the energy it takes to raise cattle and to transport meat. Implement Meatless Monday in your home today!

  7. Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints. When you are enjoying the beauty of the Earth’s natural settings always remember to treat it well! Never leave garbage or harm any form of wildlife. Treat the outdoors with respect, and nature in return will provide you with wonderful moments.

  8. Share! Share these tips with everyone! Tell your mom, your neighbor, your garbage man, your barista, and everyone in-between!