The Perfect Brow

An eyebrow wax, shape and tint is an easy way to enhance and polish your look!



An eyebrow wax is the perfect way to accent your favorite facial features!Whether you want to accent your gorgeous cheek bones, use an arch to add lift to your eyes, or even shape your face,an eyebrow wax at Blooming Moon Spa is the best way to do any or all of those things.With all this brow talk, you might not know what your optimal arch and shape is for your face- and that’s okay! Our professionally trained staff is here to help; we look extensively at your natural growth pattern, face shape and take into consideration your ideas. There are many different shapes and sizes of brows and figuring out the shape and size that makes you feel the most pretty and put together is what we LOVE to do!

There are six basic face shapes:     


Each of the six face shapes has a brow shape that coordinates beautifully with it- for example a round face shape looks amazing when paired with a nicely arched brow, it elongates and thins the face while adding some definition to bone structure that tends to be downplayed in the round face. No matter what your face shape there are always guidelines to follow when trying to achieve your perfect brow! One example is - The head of the brow should always begin at the bridge of your nose.  This can be attained by matching up a pencil along the nose and taking off the hair on the opposite side of the brow. As well as tweezing and waxing eyebrows, tinting your eyebrows and keeping the color crisp and fresh is just as important as shape because tinting offers you the ability to fill your brows naturally without applying make-up every day.  Our trained estheticians can mix the perfect color for your hair to give you the most full and beautiful brows possible.  Our naturally derived vegetable base dye won’t harm your skin, and stays for about four weeks. Tinting is one way to achieve honestly saying “I woke up like this”! Beautiful Brows don’t just happen over night- they happen by having a routine.For best results whether you have your eyebrows tweezed or waxed, every 4-6 weeks is best to maintain the optimal arch and shape. Tinting is best every 4 weeks to maintain the rich beautiful color. Brow Wax | $18Brow Tweeze | $15Brow Wax + Brow Tint | $30Brow Tint | $18