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Spa Packages

Blooming Moon Spa Packages are perfect gifts or celebrate your special occasion with us! We specialize in luxurious spa pampering. Our goal is to elevate your special occasion to an out of this world experience. Therefore, for multiple spa packages and appointments we may need two weeks notice to plan, customize and create a magical visit. Spa packages cannot be reserved online ~ Please call to reserve your spa package…. 971.279.2757 ~ Give Them The Moon!


Bride-To-Be Package

$450 | 5.5+ hrs
A ritual designed to pamper and prepare the bride for her special day! Your day begins with $100 towards any “honeymoon waxing.” Then you’ll retreat to your tranquil oasis to enjoy a Hydrating Sugar Body Polish and Steam Shower, followed by a 90 min relaxing massage. Your bliss-filled day concludes with our “beautifying” 60min Custom Facial and ‘Bare Your Soles’ Spa Pedicure and Spa Manicure. Finally, you now have nothing left to do, but get married!
Upgrade your Manicure and Pedicure with gel polish for only $10

Herbal Package

$428 | 4.5 hrs
Indulge in the ultimate full body detoxification. We begin by removing toxins from the body with our Volcanic Detox Body Treatment and Steam Shower. Relax, in a 90 min. deep tissue massage. But not done yet, we will nurture your skin with a 60min. Microdermabrasion Facial to further exfoliate and make your complexion radiant. And finally, more cleansing awaits with our Deluxe Foot Treatment.

Glow From Head-To-Toe Package 

$310 | 3.5 hrs
Escape to your private sanctuary for the Ultimate Moisture Body Treatment and Steam Shower, designed to leave you with radiant, hydrated, and luminous skin. Then your face will glow with the Epicuren Signature Facial. Complete your day of pampering with a ‘Bare Your Soles’ Spa Pedicure to revive your tuckered feet. Renewed!
Upgrade with a 1 hour massage for $85.

Pampered Mama or Papa Package

$288 | 3.5 hrs
Perfect gift for new parent or “mommy-to-be.” They will begin the day with a one hour Pregnancy or Aromatherapy Massage and 30min. Camellia Head & Neck Treatment to deeply relax and recharge the mind and body. The blissful day concludes with a Blooming Moon Custom Facial and Spa Pedicure. Couples services available!


$270 | 3.5 hrs
This package is a sensory delight; it warms, cools, stimulates, and tingles. Mint helps reduce inflammation in muscles and relieves headaches, while clearing the mind and sinuses, so we begin with a Minty Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub and Steam Shower. Calm and clear the mind with an essential oil blend of lavender, basil & peppermint in a one hour Aromatherapy Massage & 15min. Warm Oil Scalp Massage. Complete your treatment with a relaxing 30min. Facial and a Spa Pedicure.
Upgrade your package for ultimate pampering with a Spa Manicure for only $35!

Sakura Package

$270 | 3.5 hrs
Envelop your senses with all that blooms! Enjoy a deeply relaxing and grounding 90min. Hot Stone Massage, followed by a Bulgarian Rose oil-infused Blooming Moon Custom Facial, then finish your spa day with an aromatic ‘Bare Your Soles’ Spa Pedicure complete with lavender, chamomile and peppermint tea or a specialty beverage of your choice.

Rosemary Renew Package

$180 | 2.5 hrs
Renew and rejuvenate with an invigorating Rosemary Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub and Steam Shower, followed by a relaxing 90 min. Aromatherapy Deep Tissue Massage. This massage is designed to target any specific area(s) you need or it is the perfect opportunity to completely unwind and relax!

Sweet Suki

$172 | 2.5 hrs
A sweet ‘lil spa day made just for you! Enjoy a Blooming Moon Custom Facial for the perfect “spa-day glow.” Finish with the Blooming Moon Spa ‘Bare Your Soles’ Pedicure and 20 minutes of additional foot massage for some extra TLC.


If you have a special treatment request and/or therapist please specify when booking your appointment. We will gladly personalize any of these treatments to fit your unique pampering needs. Fragrance-Free, Nut-Free and Vegan treatments are available.*



Aromatherapy Steam Shower

$10 | 15-30 min
Wash away the cares of your day with a private, customized aromatherapy-infused steam shower. Refreshing yet calming, this wonderful extra “me” time improves the clarity of skin, increases circulation, relieves stress and soothes inflammation in the lungs and nasal cavity. Complimentary with body treatments, our steam shower is also bookable a la carte with any other service


A combination of heat and warming/cooling therapeutic products are applied to help relieve muscle spasm-related pain and relax tight muscles. Heat therapy can also reduce inflammation, including various types of arthritis and ease subacute or chronic traumatic conditions of your superficial joints and muscles.

Scalp Massage

$20 | 15 min
Make your experience even more relaxing with a scalp massage to release tension and calm your busy mind. Increasing circulation to the scalp with massage can help with hair growth and restful sleep


Epicuren hydrating mineral mask deeply moisturizes dry skin. The hydrating mask is massage into your hands and/or feet and wrapped in hot towels, delivering soft beautiful hands and feet!


15 min $20 | 20 min $25 | 30 min $45