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Benefit driven tagline about how facials are for your body and soul.

Many of our lines are locally sourced, tapping into the creative artisans of Portland, Oregon. Each line has been carefully selected based on the following principals;

not tested on animals, natural, organic, and promoting a sense of beauty, health and well being into our guest’s lives. Shop our boutique for offerings like palo santo

smudges, all natural make up, award winning skin care lines, hand-crafted candles and more….


Our favorite customer review, ever: } “So I want to buy a gift certificate for my son and his girlfriend and I was looking at Groupon and he kept saying Blooming Moon Wellness Spa was the best massage he EVER had and to please get him one from Blooming Moon…I thought DUH—That’s why they don’t do Groupon –THEY DON’T HAVE TO!” | Dec 2013

Best spa in Portland, best spa in Oregon to be exact! The staff is so friendly and know what they are doing. Ginny is a wizard with the brows! I recently moved out of the area and have yet to find anything that can come close to Blooming Moon. — Ashley K. | Jan 2014

Great first experience! I had an amazing deep tissue massage and even a pedicure. I was apprehensive to have my feet done but it was a great experience. Everything about the spa was calm and relaxing. The massage was better than I ever could have hoped for , I’ll definitely be back. So much win. — Ryan B. | Jan 2014

Sara gave us our best manicure and pedicure. An interesting array of pedicure choices included the JellyBath — a warm, aromatic gelatin bath which completely envelopes the feet and retains the warmth throughout the service. —SpaIndex review | Jan 2014

Thank you for the wonderful experience yesterday! Sheridan is an AMAZING therapist. Can’t wait to come back to PDX and indulge again! –-Daniel C. | Dec 2013

First timer and my Massage was great.  I have an injury that requires deep tissue massage and not everyone is good at that.  Sheridan was one of the best practitioners I have had.  So glad to find a place close to home. –Yvonne A. | Portland, OR | July 2013

My boyfriend treated me to a spa day at Blooming Moon and the facial, manicure, pedicure and salt scrub were all incredible.  I found everyone to be so warm and kind.  I returned a few weeks later to try my first full leg wax and underarm wax but was pretty nervous because of previous traumatic experiences at other places.  I must say, Ginny knows what she’s doing.  I learned a valuable lesson that day: In the realm of waxing, there are carnies and there are artists.  Ginny is a true artist! –Jess H. | Portland, OR | June 2013

Blooming Moon Spa makes me wish I were still living in Portland.  In my 31 years of experience, I have never had a better massagethan with Kimmy, or a better facial than with Brooke. My husband has back issue and was a loyal Kimmy customer, and she helped him out so much. I’ve bad incredible massages from Sheridan as well. The people that work in this establishment aren’t only professional, and talented, they are genuine healers. Spa treatments in general can seem pricey but here you get more than your money’s worth. If you become addicted like my husband and I did, I recommend getting a membership and/or looking at their monthly specials. The place itself is a really neat transformed house and has a wonderful Portland vibe. The Hop & Vine next door is awesome too! –M.R. | Encinitas, CA | June 2013

I just wanted to thank Brooke for all of her efforts to help my face heal and feel better.  The facial was wonderful, and her suggestions for follow-up care were greatly appreciated.  Love the Clarify astringent!  Thank you so much for a great experience! –M.T. | Portland OR | June 2013

If you are looking for the best service, from the best people, go to Blooming Moon Wellness Spa. Everyone there is amazing, they have great products, and will make any treatment vegan!! YAY!! I’ve gotten massages, facials, and waxes…DO IT! –S.R. | Portland OR | April 2013

This place is the best. I have been going to Ginny for almost 4-5 years and will continue to follow her. I did call in last minute one day to try to be seen for an eyebrow wax and agreed to be seen by Sarah. I was nervous at first, this was not Ginny. BUT Sarah did awesome!! Loved her too, which makes complete sense since Ginny hired her. Everyone here is great. I usually stick to the waxing but have also done the foot soaks. Highly recommend it. Worth my drive – which it’s right off of I-5 N so even with my commute to be beautified it’s not too bad. –Z.P. | Portland OR | March 2013

Well, THAT was rejuvenating! Thank you Ginny & Bridgette. Grateful for my whim. And can’t wait for my massage & facial combo + champagne & chocolate–Jackie L. | Portland OR | Feb 2013

I refuse to go anywhere else! I’ve visited Ginny for over three years and am a loyal customer.  She takes care of me, always makes me feel welcome, and has accommodated me at the last minute (a number of times).  She is the only person I trust with my skin and eyebrows.  I am also loyal to Epicuren the line of skin care products the spa uses and sells. —Anna M. | San Francisco CA | Feb 2013

This place is incredible. I have been going here for 6 years and have never had a bad experience. The estheticians are experienced, so friendly and talented.  I appreciate the natural products and clean, comfortable spaces. Ginny and Brooke are really amazing and I talk to them about everything and anything. I am always greeted with hugs and it feels like a family (that beautifully waxes my eyebrows and gives me facials.) I have had some pretty bad brazillian waxes in the past but the wax they use has never damaged my skin or burned. They are so accommodating if I need to change my appointment to earlier or cancel. I dont know what I am going to do when I move!!!! —Lauren M. | Portland OR | Feb 2013

Love, love, love Blooming moon!  The spa space is calming and has an organic but modern feel.  The receptionist is always very nice, offering water or tea when I check in.   I try to only go to spas that use the most natural and high quality products and this spa definitely fits the bill.  I was sold on Blooming Moon after my first visit where I had a facial with Brooke and I now always request her when making an appointment for a facial.  I left with glowing and clear skin, was impressed by how skilled she was and also liked her nice and calming demeanor.  I highly recommend the resurface glow facial (my skin looked super clear) as long as you can stand the burning sensation for a few minutes.  It’s intense though the esthetician fanning my face sure does make it more tolerable. I’m an RN and am very concerned with infection control practices at spas and tend to ask lots of questions on how the tools are cleaned.  If I’m not satisfied with the responses, I simply don’t go there.  In my job, I’ve administered antibiotics to patients that were admitted to the hospital solely for treatment of infections they acquired at nail salons.  Ick.  Brooke was happy to explain the process used to clean the tools and very receptive to questions.  I was equally happy with Ginny’s responses when I booked a different appointment for nail services and she explained how the foot soaking bowls are cleaned (they go above and beyond what is required). —Courtney C. | Portland OR | Jan 2013

Always a great experience! I love the foot massage happy hour special and massages by Kimmy! The receptionist is ALWAYS friendly. My favorite Portland Spa! Oh, and follow them on Facebook for great deals!!! —Heather W. | Portland OR | Dec 2012