The smell sensory can transport you back in time, bring on nostalgia and calm your mind. At Blooming Moon Spa we use candles, aromatherapy diffusers and healing smudges to bring peace to both; our guests and our staff. Bring it into your home by burning palo santo or sage daily to clear energy and set intentions. The simple ritual of “smudging” can bring clarity and focus to your mind and leave your home smelling fresh! Aromatherapy diffusers fill the air with healing essential oil blends to calm, relax, or uplift your spirits! We use them daily in our warm towels, foot soaks and diffuse in the air to create a healing sanctuary just for you!


Hydrate with crisp fruit! Infuse your water with delicious blends you can sip daily at Blooming Moon; lemon & strawberry, cucumber & mint, lime & lemon or create your own! Start with a large pitcher, fill the pitcher with your favorite fruit combination, fill with water and muddle the fruit and water together. Add to your water bottle or keep in the fridge. Enjoy!


A candles warm glow can evoke relaxation. At Blooming Moon Spa we burn CROSBY candles. CROSBY is a local, all natural, soy candle line with luxurious essential oil blends created by Kelly Harland & her mother, Lynn. CROSBY’s blends include scents like, black coconut, amber, cardamom, rosemary and more… Swing into the spa to smell them all to find your vibe...


It’s not always easy to make time for a spa treatment. Doing a weekly face mask like the Epicuren Green Tea face mask or Himalayan Polish is a beautiful way to pamper yourself. Experiencing muscle pain? Draw yourself a warm bath with Molly Muriel's Trauma healer, infused with arnica. Then massage a Japanese liniment, White Flower, on sore muscles and get a good nights sleep.


Make your home a non-toxic space. When selecting the food you eat, the cleaning products you use or the beauty care lines in your bathroom -- CHOOSE natural/non-toxic. At Blooming Moon we make every effort possible to choose natural alternatives. All of our beauty lines are free of harsh chemicals, and we use natural cleaning products we make in house! A non-toxic home is healthiest for pets, kids and YOU!