Peel Season!


Fall is the perfect time of year to resurface, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin! Blooming Moon has a peel for every skin care concern. Our highly trained estheticians will help you select and design a plan to get your fall & winter peel series started!

Many hear the word "PEEL" and get a bit squirmish...but not to worry! After even the strongest Blooming Moon peel, you may see minor flaking and tightness, which is totally normal. During the peel treatment you may experience some tingling, warming and possibly some itching, but after a few days your skin will be glowing and radiant!

Fruit Enzyme Peels

 - are a blend of natural fruit ingredients (enzymes) that dissolve skin cells, forcing cell-turnover and revealing glowing skin. Fruit enzyme peels have no 'down-time' and are for all skin types. A fruit enzyme peel may be included in any Blooming Moon holistic facial. Some fruit enzyme peels are cocktailed with lactic or glycolic acids for bit more exfoliation.

Lactic Acid 

- ingredients derived from milk and great for hydrating and lightening

Glycolic Acid

 - ingredients derived from sugar. Helps decongest acne prone skin and smoothing fine lines.

Kojic Acid

 - ingredients from several species of fungi. Lightens dark spots and evens hyperpigmentation, by limiting melanin production.


- You may be asked to get on a retinol before your peel treatment to help your skin heal faster post peel and boost the peel treatment results. Cosmedix retinol serums are the best in the biz! They have a retinol to suit any skin type. With Cosmedix retinols, you won't experience the flaking and irritation other retinols provide. Cosmedix retinol formulas are designed to have time-release and heal the skin so you have nothing but gorgeous skin!