Himalayan Sea Salt Stone

Himalayan Salt Stones are made of some of the most ancient ingredients on earth. When the Himalayan Mountain Range was forming, it created huge amounts of pressure that caused everything below it to become compressed over many millions of years. Scientists believe that the Primal Sea (where all life on earth originated) was located below the Himalayan Mountain Range and slowly dried up from the sun before the pressure from the landmasses forming on top of it caused it to become compressed. This is where Himalayan Salt comes from and is used to create the stones that we use here at Blooming Moon Wellness Spa.

You will recognize them by their attractive light pink hue and their smooth or crystalline structure. The stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals including magnesium and calcium, and are said to give off negative ions. Himalayan Salt can be used internally or externally to promote equilibrium in the body and inspire deep relaxation. It is heat-activated, which is why you will commonly see the salt stones in the form of a lamp, using a warm light bulb as its heat source.


For the Blooming Moon Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, your practitioner will use warm oil and stones that have been heated by a lamp. The salt stones hold heat at a steady temperature and also provide a gentle exfoliating treatment to your skin. Because they are carved by hand, you will often see them in a heart or teardrop shape, which allows your practitioner to provide more focused pressure on those tense or hard to reach areas of the muscle than a traditional hot stones which are rounded.

Whether you are already a fan of traditional hot stones or just love heat therapy, you are sure to enjoy this deeply relaxing and pampering massage experience.