Why CBD?

Many Portlanders have already heard something about CBD, or used it, as it recently has become widely available throughout Oregon and other states with legalized cannabis. You can now find it on store shelves as a supplement or added to various foods and beverages in local places such as restaurants, bars, donut shops and more, but what is it exactly?

CBD (cannibidiol) is a plant-derived chemical compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. It contains zero or extremely small amounts of the intoxicating cannabis compound THC, so you can consume or use it without experiencing the psychoactive "high" effects that you would with marijuana. There are a variety of benefits to CBD which include decreasing pain, reducing inflammation and relieving anxiety or emotional stress. These benefits can be achieved either by using it topically or ingesting it orally, with the topical treatments mostly affecting the skin and surface layers of muscle or connective tissue on the area that it's applied to versus the oral treatments which will absorb directly into the bloodstream, creating a systemic effect throughout your body.

Here at Blooming Moon Wellness Spa we have personally seen the relief that CBD can bring to your mind and body. We are proud to bring a variety of CBD products as an option for our clients in our spa services and in our shop. We currently offer a large selection of topical products from Mary's Nutritionals including CBD oil, bath bombs, transdermal patches or gel pens, as well as oral CBD drops from Pacific Daze. One of our newest CBD services is a relaxing pedicure which includes a warm herbal tea drink topped off with Pacific Daze CBD drops for you to enjoy while your feet get pampered with a CBD-infused foot mask and a foot massage using topical CBD oil. The combination of both topical and oral CBD in this pedicure will leave you feeling tranquil and your feet feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Our CBD Massage using oil from Mary's Nutritionals continues to be a popular option for many of our clients to help soothe tired and achy muscles or reduce the post-massage soreness that can occasionally set in after a deep tissue session. You can continue to nourish your body and calm your mind after the massage by taking a CBD bath bomb or transdermal patch home with you.

However you use it, CBD is an amazing tool that may contribute greatly to your physical and mental wellness. We are so excited to help you explore the many benefits and uses of CBD in your health and beauty routines, so don't be shy if you want to know more. We would love to introduce you to your new favorite CBD product!!