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Blooming Moon was one of the first spas in Portland to offer green beauty to our community in 2008! Alima Pure is a local mineral makeup line Blooming Moon added to our shop in 2010 and although our makeup lines have flourished, Alima continues to be one of our favorite makeup lines on our shelves. Our makeup lines are toxin-free, cruelty-free, and vegan using only pigments from fruits, veggies, and “shimmer” from Earth’s minerals. Each line has been carefully selected based on the following principles: not tested on animals, natural, organic and promoting a sense of beauty, health and wellbeing into our guests’ lives. Many of our lines are locally sourced, tapping into the creative artisans of Portland, Oregon.


‘NIGHT OUT’ Makeup application

$50 | 45 min
Makeup application & skin care consultation done by one of our highly trained makeup artists/estheticians.


Lash Tint $20
Brow Tint $20
Lash & Brow Tint $30
Perfect for fair-haired mavens. We will give you the effortless perfection of lashes without mascara and brows without brow powder. Lasts 4-5 weeks.

Lash Lift

Perfect for the low-maintenance beauty! Lash lifts are done by using a semi-permanent curl to straight lashes. A lash lift instantly gives your lashes curl, lift, separation, and extra definition with minimal effort.
Lasts 6-8 weeks. Add a LASH TINT for $20!

Classic Lash extensions (Full Set)

$200 | 3 hours Eyelash extensions naturally enhance the length and curl of your beautiful lashes. Wake up looking ready for the day! Please avoid consuming caffeine for at least 3 hours before lashing.

2 weeks Lash Fill $70 | 1.5 hours recommended
3 weeks Lash Fill $85 | 2 hours
Mini-Fill 10 days of less $50 | 45 min

Lash Extension removals

Removals are painless and do not affect the integrity of your natural lashes. We use a professional grade cream to break down the adhesive and slide your extensions off. We offer removals for both current and outside applications.

Our Lashes   $30 | 30 Min 
Outside Lashes  $60 | 30 Min